Martin James Power
Brand Creative


Money in your hands


Identity, UI and web design for a tech start up in the money transfer scene.

After just one meeting with the guys it became clear that they weren't doing this for money, it was all about helping people keep in touch with loved ones when they have moved away. This led to me creating a much more emotive brand than others around, with a focus more on the end goal rather than the transfer.

The Moni mark is based upon elements of the UX/UI, where you swipe up to select a receiver and to transfer money. The simple logotype is also designed to work with the very restricted real estate that apps allow for branding.

Moni approached me as a recent graduate from 'TechStars' with a great product and name, but no real identity or visual thread throughout the product. They asked me to help them unify their journey and create a brand that would stand out against the established money transfer brands such as Western Union.