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Ballie Ballerson

Ballie Ballerson

Identity for 'Ultimate Adult Playground', Ballie Ballerson

Ballie is probably the most East London bar that you could ever imagine. Ball Pools, Sweet inspired cocktails and a whole heap of drinking games. That said — it was also one of the most popular bars in the last 18 months so they must be doing something right.

They came to me to refresh the brand before they moved into a whole new venue in the unsurprising destination of Shoreditch High Street. The key to the new brand was to celebrate their previous successes but also move the bar into a (slightly) more mature, less warehouse chic space.


Whilst the identity is completely new, it focussed on the aesthetic of nostalgia. The Day Glo colours that we all remember from car boots sales, a typeface inspired by 90s board games lettering and a somewhat immature tone of voice.

The new venue has now launched and is doing better than ever, while the brand is still growing and morphing with the venue.


As the identity was so stripped back, I was keen to create ownerhsip of every element so I created a bespoke display typeface for Ballie. It was inspired by the board games of the 80's — bold and playful with an edge. This itself does a great job of toning down the very adult statements that are pasted across all of the posters and menus.