Martin James Power — Strategic Brand Design, Manchester
Brand Creative



Identity for brand new fine dining restaurant in Victoria.

Through conversation it became clear that while they were young and exciting, they were by no means 'East London', or 'Hipster'. Their restaurant would be mature and confident, but laid back and approachable.

The solution was the simplest of identities that celebrated the minute details and the beauty of purity.


Katie and Peter have years of experience behind them and bundles of awards across the fine dining scene in London. Peter a young, exciting chef who believes in the freshest ingredients, picked by hand, and Katie an award winning sommelier with a precise taste and personable service.

They wanted to open their own restaurant that celebrates the ingredients and flavours in the traditional way, but that didn't have the stuffiness of silver service. 


Seasonal Details

As Lorne focus heavily on the changing seasons and ingredients, I added finer details which saw the introduction of patterns that will be printed in subtle glosses  inside menus