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Identity for a new mobile gaming studio that teaches you new languages through engagement and exploration

They came to me needing an identity that felt progressive in the language space without feeling too gaming or techy. The studio needed to be able to celebrate their varying products equally so it needed to act as a platform for the content.

One word led the concepts, Discovery. This is what new languages allow us to do, explore, discover, grow.


Learning a new language is hard, we all know that, but the clever little buggers at Wibbu found that it's not difficult because we're not intelligent enough, actually the biggest issue with learning languages is a lack of engagement. To put it bluntly, it can be pretty boring.

They came up with a great way to combat this, gasify the learning. Literally, build a game that taught you the new language through exploration and interaction.


A Happy Team

During the launch of the new Wibbu game at a trade event the guys sent me a shot of the entire team celebrating behind a huge version of their new logo mark. These are always nice to see.